From Jergez to Boz Uchuk ( 4 days 3 nights)

From Jergez to Boz Uchuk ( 4 days 3 nights)


Trip Name: “To The Summit on the horse”
Duration: 4 days 3 nights
Category: Horseback riding (for the beginners and good riders)
Season: May – October
Location: Issuk Kul oblast, Ak Suu District
Requirements: Trekking boots, weatherproof warm clothes, hat, sleeping
bag, tent, carry mat, sunscreen and sunglasses
Description: If you want to make a perfect horseback riding tour, to see high mountains and meet local people in remote, unexplored areas than this trip is for you!









Day 1: Transfer from Karakol to Pioneer village (40 min). Here you will a guest in our hospitality Horse Guide Family. After instruction, packing and preparing for the trip we will start our Journey. The trip on the first day goes along the Jergez gorge, this gorge has a magical Tien Shan forest surrounded by high mountains. After 5-6 hours riding we will get to the first camping location in the end of the gorge near the summit of Teskey Range. Overnight in the tent.

Day 2: At This Day we will make a day ride to the waterfalls of Jergez valley, this waterfalls takes water from the glacier on the top of the Range. This is a sightly eminence that located at 3400 meters elevation above sea Level. Riding hours 5-6, overnight in the tent


Day 3: Crossing the Boz Uchuk pass, the top of the pass is located on 3500 meters elevation above sea level; this is the one of the passes on Teskey Range that crossable by horses. The trail slowly ascend to the top, after small brake we will ride down to Boz valley where you will spend the night at the Shepperds Yrta camp. Riding hours 6-7, overnight in the yrta camp


Day 4: Last day of this journey, ride down by Boz Uchuk valley trough the forest and waterfall to the meeting point at the beginning of the gorge. Riding hours 3-4, transfer to Karakol ( 40 min). End of the trip.