6 Days Trekking from Jeti-Ogyz to Arashan valley

6 Days Trekking from Jeti-Ogyz to Arashan valley


Trip Name: “From Jeti Ogyz valley to Arashan”
Duration: 6 days 5 nights
Category: trekking – (medium)
Season: May – October
Location: Issuk Kul oblast, Jeti-Ogyz district









Description : Since 10 years most of the Trekkers enjoy one of the best Mountain Trail. The trip will cross 2 passes and pearl of Tien Shan Mountains – Lake Ala Kul

Day 1: Transfer from Karakol to the beginning of Jeti-Ogyz gorge, Jeti-Ogyz gorge is the area with Different colored mostly with a Red tint. There are two famous rocks that you will see upon arrival – “Seven Bulls Rock” and “Broken Heart Rock”. We will spend a short time to visit those rocks before starting to walk up of the valley. After 1-2 hours walking distance we will visit waterfall in the “ Valley of Flowers”. Camping area is located in the forest of “valley of flowers” – overnight in the tent.

Day 2: At this day we will go along the “Jeti-ogyz” valley until the piedmont of the gorge. The trail is goes in the gorge close to the stream from the mountain glacier. After 4-5 hours walking distance we will get at the second camping place. Overnight in the tent, elevation: 3000 meters above sea level.









Day 3: First pass to cross during this trip, Teleti pass ( 3800 meters) is one of the highest pass in this area, the view from the pass is unforgettable, this is the best point to see “ Ogyz Bashy” peak (5200 meters). After 2-3 hours walking distance you get at the top of the pass. After small brake we will walk down all the way long to the third camping place in Karakol Natinal park. Overnight in the tent, walking distance 6-7 hours

Day 4: The day to get to the Pearl of Tien Shan Mountains – “Ala-Kul” Lake. This Lake is located at 3500 meters elevation above sea level, surrounded by the Ala Kul mountain Range with top in the middle. Water of the Lake comes from the glacier on top of the valley, in summer time the temperature of the water is + 5 C, and its frozen in winter. After 4-5 hours walking distance from the camping area you will stay overnight near the Lake.

Day 5: Ala-Kol pass, famous point for all trekkers who get most stunning view of Tien Shan Mountains with high peaks in front. 3 hours walking up to the summit, 3860 meters elevation. After brake get down to the Arashan valley, where you will stay in the yrt camp, enjoy hot springs and local food. Overnight in the yrta, walking distance 6-7 hours

Day 6: After breakfast you will walk on the trail to the beginning of Arashan valley, after 16 kilometers walking ( 4-5 hours) our driver will get you to Karakol. Overnight in the guest house