Trekking Expedition in Tien Shan (14 Days)

Trekking Expedition in Tien Shan (14 Days)


Trip Name: “14 Days expedition on Teskey Range ”
Duration: 14 days 13 nights
Category: trekking, horseback riding – (medium)
Season: May – October
Location: Issuk Kul oblast, Jeti-Ogyz district ( from Barskoon to Arashan) 









DAy 1: Transfer from Tamga to the Ara Bel gorge, Driving hours – 2-3, crossing the Are Bel river, camping on the bottom of Juuku pass. Walking hours 3-4, on the way: visiting beautiful waterfalls in Barskoon valley, Overnight in the tent.

Day 2: Crossing Juuku pass ( 3633 meters elevation). Walking hours 3-5 hours walk, camping in Juuku valley.

Day 3: Trekking to the bottom of Ashuu Tor pass along Juuku valley, camping near the river. 4-5 hours to walk. Overnight in the tent

Day 4: Crossing the Ashuu Tor pass (3800 meters elevation) to the Juukuchak gorge, walking hours 6-7, overnight in the tent. At this day is possible to visit hot springs in Juukuchak valley.

Day 5: Crossing the Jumatai pass (3500 meter elevation)to the Kichi Kyzyl gorge, camping in the gorge, walking hours 6-7. Overnight in the tent

Day 6: Crossing to the Chong Kyzyl suu gorge, overnight in the tent, close to the Hot springs, bathing in the hot springs. Walking hours 3-5.

Day 7: Crossing the Kok Jaiyk pass ( 2805 meters elevation) to the Jeti-Ogyz gorge ( valley of flowers), overnight in the yurt camp. Walking hours 5-6.

Day 8: Trekking to the Yrdyk gorge, overnight in the tent, walking hours 3-5










Day 9: Trekking to the Karakol gorge, on the way: visiting mountain Lake Jashyl Kol and Kara kol. Walking hours 5-6, overnight in the tents

Day 10: Trekking to the Dendro park, overnight in the tent, walking hours 4-5

Day 11: Walking along the Arashan gorge from DendroPark to the Arashan hot springs, overnight the tent. Walking hours 4-5. Bathing in the hot springs

Day 12: Make a day hike (ride) to the Ala-Kol Lake, walk up to the top of the pass Ala-Kol pass 3860 meters, back to the dormitory. Walking hours 8-9, overnight in the tent

Day 13: Make a Day hike (ride) to the Anyr Tor gorge with small lakes, walking hours 5-6, back to the Arashan gorge, overnight in the tent

Day 14:  walk down to the beginning of Arashan gorge, back to Karakol. Walking hours 3-4.